My answers to Mark Manson’s life questions

I recently read an article from Upworthy by Mark Manson titled "How I found my life's passion by asking myself these ridiculous questions." The title worked its magic, as clickbait does. It's a fun, easy read. As someone who is still actively looking for my purpose in this world, I thought I would try to … Continue reading My answers to Mark Manson’s life questions


2017 – a reflection 

Holy shit. What a year it's been. My biggest accomplishment this year, and in my life so far, was giving birth to the most amazing baby girl. Archer has brought so much joy and love to Mark and I, it's truly difficult to imagine how we ever lived without her.  She was the last goal … Continue reading 2017 – a reflection 

Breastfeeding isn’t always beautiful

I feel like breastfeeding has been all over the news and internet these days. Everything from the pros to the cons, everyone has an opinion, everyone has an anecdote to share. Here's my adventure in breastfeeding... sort of. I didn't think I would be physically capable of breastfeeding since my reduction mammaplasty in 2008. My surgeon … Continue reading Breastfeeding isn’t always beautiful