We’re almost there

This is a picture of a pregnant woman's torso from the side, holding her belly

The past eight months have been a whirlwind. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and in just a few short weeks, our baby girl will be here!

My body has changed and adapted a lot. Some days I hate it, other days I love it. The female body is a pretty exceptional thing, and I certainly didn’t appreciate that until I got pregnant. I wasn’t blessed with that cute “all bump” look, but I’m at peace with that. My hands and feet/ankles are swollen, my skin has seen better days from head to toe, I miss gin and tonics and tea, I miss being able to sleep on my back, and I am seriously exhausted both mentally and physically. Yes, I know the fatigue “actually comes after the baby is born.” Still, with all the not-so-pleasant things pregnancy brings me, it also brings so much joy, beauty, and undeniable excitement. Every time she kicks, she reminds me I’m about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

This is a photograph of a pregnant woman's body, perched on a fence in a rose garden, facing the camera

Mark and I have been very fortunate to have the time to prepare (some might even say over-prepare) for our peanut. She is so deeply loved already and we are beyond anxious to meet her. We’ve been nesting for a couple of months and I’ve been taking full advantage of not having to work by taking daily naps, going for leisurely jaunts, and catching up on my correspondence. The timing of this pregnancy is perfect in nearly every way and it’s certainly not lost on either of us. While the move and getting life started here in Brookline was scary and stressful at times, the rest of it has been happy and hopeful.

I’ve read a ton of articles, some with more credibility than others, about the horrors of pregnancy, labour, and the insurmountable exhaustion of caring for an infant. I’ve read about all the poop and spit up we’ll have to clean up, about the annoying unsolicited advice everyone will give, and about the dreaded baby blues.  I am very nervous about labour and about taking care of an infant. I know Mark and I are ready and we’re more than capable, but this is a monumental thing that’s about happen. There are a ton of negative stories out there and it would be easy to get wrapped up in them, especially as a first time parent-to-be. I do my best to  look past these horror stories and stick to facts from reliable sources while seeking comfort and advice from friends and family.

Two more weeks, plus or minus a few days, and we finally get to meet her. Then, “let the wild rumpus start!”