Thoughts on thirty

This is a photo of two foil balloons, number three and zero, floating infront of a wood wall, just above some purple flowers
Photo by Johannes, via Unsplash

It happened. I. Turned. THIRTY.  I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to this day. I didn’t want to be in my thirties. I felt like turning thirty meant leaving “Neverland.” I used to think it meant all the fun would be over and my life would have to revolve around work and saving for retirement and just getting through the days instead of enjoying them. Then  2016 happened. It was a good year. My resume was growing the way I wanted it to, and when I turned 29, I realized I was on track to accomplishing most of the items on my “To Do Before 30” list. I found myself in a great position, as far as being a “millennial” goes ( I actually hate that word). I started feeling more grateful for the opportunities I’d been afforded since graduating from university and began looking forward to the future more than I was fearing it. I still have moments of fear and uncertainty, but that comes with the territory of aging, and I believe those moments keep me humble.

I can’t even count all of the things I’m looking forward to in the years to come. I get to give birth and build an endless bank of family memories, I get to meet new people and work at new jobs, I get to live in new places. Best of all, I’m going to experience all these things and more with the love of my life.

Looks like thirty is the beginning of something amazing!