Father’s Day reflections

Nearly nine years have passed since losing my father to cancer. Nine years. So much has happened in that time, it’s hard to believe.

With my daughter on the way, I think about my dad more often. I think about the relationship we had and how it changed as I grew.  I think about everything he’s missed in the last nine years, and I think about all he’s going to miss. It breaks my heart knowing that my little peanut will never meet her grandpa, but I’ll make sure she knows who he was. I’ll tell her stories of when he took me camping, when he made birthday cakes for my stuffed animals, and when he took me to the emergency room to get stitches (twice). I hope she inherits his infectious laugh, his love of sports, and his tenacity. I’ll show her pictures and videos. I’ll make sure she knows how much he would have loved her.

I also hope to teach her how special her daddy is. I want her to love him, appreciate him, and never take him for granted. Life is too short and family is everything.

I love thinking about Mark being a father. He is going to be an incredible daddy to our girl. He already is! She has no idea yet, just how lucky she is to have such a kind, thoughtful, smart, strong man in her life. I can’t wait to watch them bond and witness such a beautiful relationship.

To all the fathers of today, yesterday and tomorrow, and to all those who are missing their fathers, I’m sending you love and light. Think of your fondest memories with your fathers, step-fathers, fathers-in-law and grandfathers and hold them close to your heart today and always.