May she have the sweetest dreams

This is a picture of a white baby crib with decorative bedding on it

Our baby girl finally has a room all her own!

Mark and I were a bit concerned about how we were going to have room for a baby in a small living space. We’re working on a budget and had to be smart about choosing our apartment. Lucky for us, we found a place with a dining room that could be turned into a nursery. This meant we wouldn’t be paying rent for a two-bedroom space and could stay on budget, while still having a separate room for little peanut.

This is a picture of a baby's nursery

As mentioned in previous posts, the nursery was functioning as a storage space for all the crap we didn’t know what to do with for the past couple of months. That ended a couple of weekends ago, when my in-laws came to visit and helped us turn the storage room into a real nursery! They took us to IKEA and Home Depot and we collected everything we needed to make the room into something wonderful. It was a long weekend of cleaning, measuring, building and painting, but it was all worth it for sure.

This is a picture of a baby's nursery

I wanted subtle colours with some splashes of natural wood accents. I didn’t want to make the room overly feminine and I think we achieved that. The last hurdle we have to overcome is deciding what to do about doors. There used to be a door to the kitchen, which was taken off at one point and no longer exists. The archway to her room will be covered with a set of curtains, but we’re deciding if we need to/how we would sound proof it, since it’s not an actual doorway. We still need a diaper genie, a side table for the bed (coming this week), and a few other little necessities, but it’s pretty much done!

The little personal touches are my favourite. I always wanted to display Mine and Mark’s old stuffed animals in the nursery. It’s nostalgic and awesome to see them displayed in our little one’s room. I also wanted the room to have a bit of an outdoor vibe because Mark and I grew up enjoying the outdoors and we hope our daughter will too. The painting of the girl with the canoe has major sentimental value to me, as it was a gift from my late father. The same painting used to hang in the bedroom I slept in at a cottage my family used to rent for several summers when I was little. The little paddle is Mark’s, and used to be his great grandfather’s. The wood B (for our last name) was made by Mark’s Poppy and is a very special part of our decor as well. We’re waiting on pictures of our parents to add, and then our display will be complete with the pieces of our wonderful family.

This is a picture of white, wall-mounted shelves with decorative objects on them

Mark and I are SO excited to meet our little peanut and can’t believe there’s only about 9 weeks left before her due date! We’re treasuring all her movements and I’m enjoying my ever-growing bump. We’re really looking forward to seeing our girl at our ultrasound appointment this week 🙂

Good things to come!