Getting ready for a big change

This is a picture of a pregnant woman's belly at a side profile

I am 26 weeks pregnant. It’s so weird following this timeline in weeks vs months. I keep track of each week as it passes, noting the changes in my body. Sometimes I still feel like it isn’t real. Other times, I feel like time is going too fast and we’re not ready yet! The nursery is still filled with boxes and furniture to be put together. We haven’t purchased a stroller (but there is a plan in the works for that), car seat, or diapers. Thinking about all we need to do, preparing for our little one, can be stressful. The feeling passes though, and I find peace and excitement in the little things.

Since we have peanut’s name picked out, I created an email address for her. I got the idea from an article I read online a while ago, before I was even pregnant. I plan to send her emails with pictures and little anecdotes over the years until she’s old enough to take over her inbox.

I also started a lullaby playlist. This is one of my favourite little projects. Whenever I think of a song I want to add, I grab my phone and put it on the playlist. Once in a while I’ll play the songs for peanut. I’ll just lay there with Mark and we’ll listen to the songs while we feel her little body move around my belly. She’s growing well and her movements are getting stronger, sometimes it takes me by surprise!

The urge to “nest” is real, but we have to wait until the end of May before we can get the nursery in order. We’re waiting for a ride out to IKEA for more necessities. In the meantime, I have a few sweet little items of clothing to start her wardrobe for now, which bring a smile to my face. Also worth noting, if you build a baby registry on Amazon, they send you a box full of baby goodies/samples for free! Ours arrived this week and came with a bunch of handy things for mama and baby. Sample diapers and breast pads, body washes and lotions, a swaddle blanket, etc. Nothing for daddy in the box, unfortunately, but we appreciate free stuff!

This is a picture of an infant-sized yellow cardigan and blue and white striped jumper

Only 14 weeks until our little one is due and I’m doing what I can to soak it in and remember it all… except the glucose test. I had to do it a second time because I threw up the first time. I don’t really need to bask in that post-vomiting glow, I prefer to sleep it off and forget about it 😉

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend, I’ll be hitting up a yard sale for baby stuff and spending quality time with my man. Life is pretty good.