Home is wherever I’m with you

This is a picture of a corner of a livingroom showing part of a grey couch with a striped blanket on it and a large grey map in the right corner

Guess I broke my one-a-week posting streak. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Writer’s block always finds its way back. The rain is really coming down today so I’ve run out of excuses for avoiding this little blog of mine.

Things have been much more settled over the past couple of weeks. Mark and I have created a cozy space for ourselves and we’re starting to enjoy the apartment more. After a lot of online shopping, we’ve found a way to make this place our own. Ya gotta love Amazon Prime, Target and Wayfair.

It’s a shame we can’t hang anything on the walls. Until we get our full lead inspection, which won’t happen until after the baby is born, we can’t risk putting holes in the walls. This will be a real pain to deal with because our apartment will very likely need to be de-leaded. This means the lead paint, under the paint that is currently on the walls, has to be removed. It’s possible we’ll have to move to another place that has already been de-leaded. Anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. It’s been a learning curve, figuring out the do’s and dont’s of renting in another city/country. The biggest lesson? Never rent from anyone sight unseen. Videos and photos are not enough to ensure you’re moving into a safe, well-maintained, clean place.

Our kitchen is complete and while it’s small, it fits everything we need and we’re still reveling in the luxury of having a dishwasher. The living room/office space and bedroom are nearly done. Each has a few small pieces of furniture we need to acquire. I’ve given up on trying to make the bathroom “pretty,” but having black accents tones down the insane colour palette in there, which is good enough. It’s just a bathroom anyway, not like we spend a lot of time in there admiring the scenery.

The bottom line is, we have a comfortable, functional space that is all ours. We’ve dreamed of having new furniture that we picked out ourselves. We finally got the matching bedroom set we wanted and this space has turned into our new home. This apartment marks the start of a new chapter for us that has been years in the making and I can’t wait to make so many memories here.

The weather has been so crappy these days, I haven’t been out as much as I would like. Mark has seen two of the infamous Brookline turkeys in past week and I’m kind of jealous! I wandered out a few times to try to find maternity clothes but had no success, as I realized there are no large malls and almost no big brand stores in Brookline. This isn’t a bad thing, but it makes it much more difficult to find clothing, especially maternity clothing, for reasonable prices. I ended up buying a bunch of stuff from Target and Old Navy online, free shipping and returns are key!

It can get a bit lonely around here during the day when Mark is at work, but when the clouds lift, I’m sure that will change. Besides, I should enjoy my quiet a lone time while I can, since I’ll have my hands full with our little peanut in a few short months!

This pregnancy still feels surreal, even though the bump is growing by the day and our girl is moving and kicking all the time. I have about 17 weeks left before things get REAL. In the meantime, Mark and I are really enjoying talking and planning and getting excited for what’s to come. The nursery is acting as a storage room for now, but I’m looking forward to nesting soon. I want it to be very simple and neutral with a few fun accents here and there. Again, we can’t hang anything on the walls, so I have to get creative.

Okay, I’m really craving an apple with some cheese, so I’m off!