Welcome to my life

peach notebook planner on floral bedspread

Oh hi there!

I realize it’s been a long time since my last post. I needed to think about the direction I wanted to take my blog, what I wanted to get out of it, what I wanted to share. Finally, I have an idea…

There have been two developments in my life since October 2016 that lead me here now.

1. My wonderful husband Mark finished his PhD and accepted a job in Boston
2. I’ve got a bun in the oven – due August 2017!

While these events were planned, they were uncertain for a long time and we didn’t know how/when they would happen or when we would be ready to share the news with the world. As you can imagine, we’ve been very busy since November, just trying to navigate our way through this amazing time and the big changes ahead.

I love change, especially when it feels like it’s time. We’ve been living in Toronto for about seven years, and we’re both ready to leave it behind for something new! Those who know me, know I never really liked Toronto. It always felt temporary to me and I never considered it “home.” Seven years is a long time for something to be temporary. That being said, there are so many things I really enjoyed about my time in this city. I started my married life here and made some wonderful memories with Mark. We both grew so much in the last seven years, it’s hard to believe sometimes!

Anyway, if you can’t see where I’m going with this, I’ll tell you. This blog is going to be about my adventures navigating pregnancy and motherhood all while discovering my new city, Boston! As much as I wanted to create something that wasn’t yet another lifestyle blog, I see now that it’s the only type of blog that makes sense for me. I didn’t want to write about what I do for living or career advice (I don’t have any) and I have far too many interests to choose just one to focus on. I wouldn’t have enough content. I do  want to tell my stories, leave room for some self-reflection, some entertainment, and simple updates to keep my friends and family in the loop.

We move on March 1st, so I may get one or two posts up before then, but if you don’t hear from me until mid-March it’s because I’m busy working, moving, or sleeping. Pregnancy is exhausting enough without adding moving to the mix! Lucky for me, Mark is a saint and has been dealing with the majority of our moving logistics. My head definitely would have exploded if I had to deal with this stuff on my own.

Hopefully you’ll join me on this crazy journey! I have no idea what to expect, but I know it’s going to be awesome.

Stay tuned,