DIY Magic: Sharpie Mugs

Four white decorated mugs on a tray

I usually like to spend my Friday evenings doing NOTHING, but sometimes it’s nice to veg out a bit and try something new! I hadn’t seen my sister in a little while so I invited her over to my place to watch movies, eat pizza, drink hot chocolate (After Eight flavour, to be precise), and do some crafting.

We’re super into Pinterest DIY projects and were both curious about the Sharpie mug craze. Naturally, this was the perfect time to try it out.

Fortunately, I had several plain white mugs from Crate and Barrel just sitting around, unused. I wasn’t even sure I was going to keep them because I’m not into plain matchy-matchy mugs. I like funny, unique mugs with character and stories behind them.

A while back, I looked up the type of Sharpie product that works best for the mug project and purchased three oil-based paint markers. They’re not cheap, so I chose three colours to start with; red, gold, and black.  Then I researched the best instructions for making the mugs and saved it on my Pinterest board for a “rainy day.”

My sister and I found some cute design ideas on Pinterest and made them our own. They turned out pretty well for a first try. We both have crappy handwriting, so they’re not perfect, but I think that makes them more fun 🙂

White mug that says "fuck off." in writingWhite mug that says "Can you not?" in writing

White mug that says "Tea, because crack is illegal." in writingWhite mug that says "Tea Rex" in writing

This really is the easiest craft EVER. I highly recommend you check out my link to the best instructions for the Sharpie mugs and make some yourself. They make great holiday gifts!

Happy crafting, betches!