Sugar-free challenge: week #2 recap

White cupcakes with white frosting on a white wire cupcake stand

Photo by Stephanie McCabe, via Unsplash

Another week and I’m still alive! It got a bit easier, but I’m still discovering foods with some form of sugar or sweetener in them. It never ceases to astound me how many foods actually  contain  the stuff. It’s also CRAZY-tough to go out for meals and order something that *hopefully* doesn’t have sugar in it. It’s not like the servers would know and most restaurants don’t have a full ingredient list for every item on their menus.

What was the toughest part of the week? I have to say the toughest part of the week was baking rainbow chip cupcakes for my husband, icing them, and not even licking the icing off my fingers. Seriously. It happened.

Text message saying" I didn't even lick the icing off my fingers. I WASHED IT OFF! Who the fuck am I?"

While texting my sister.









Any slips? I went out for three meals and did my best to choose foods that would least-likely have sugar/sweeteners in them. That being said, I’m sure there were small amounts here and there.

Did you try any new foods/recipes? No new foods this week. I started a new job and frankly this challenge is not a priority. I’m still going to tough it out the best I can for the remainder of the month but I’m not going to get down on myself about a few slips.

Any cravings? Whoever said the cravings go away after seven days of no sugar is a straight-up liar. Now, I’m not cutting out ALL sugars, because that’s not what this challenge is, which could be why the cravings haven’t gone away. Who knows, I’m not a nutritionist! Really I just want a doughnut or a muffin. I’m not interested in candy or chocolate… not at the moment, anyway. I may feel differently next week when my monthly “inconvenience” rolls around.

Weight lost or gained: I lost another pound, so I’m down by 5lbs total.

Overall feelings after the second week: It’s been a tough week with the changes to my routine and the celebratory meals. I was hoping to put more effort into eating healthier and being more conscious of my food choices this week but that wasn’t the case.

Here’s hoping I’m more successful next week!