The “last supper”

Dark, floured hands holding fresh pasta next to pastamaker

Photo by Jorge Zapata, via Unsplash

I am currently nursing a rather large food baby and I am not sorry.

My friend Hollands (taking the sugar-free challenge with me) and I decided to indulge one last time before we begin our sugar-free journey. This meal did not disappoint. She introduced me to Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar and I will definitely be going back after September.

Being the visual person I am, I wanted to document what my last sugary meal looked like. The lighting in the restaurant wasn’t the greatest, but I did my best with my crappy cell phone camera.

First up on the menu was the Charity Bread. As the name indicates, the net proceeds of the house-made bread go to a local charity. Obviously, I felt very good about eating this bread. Also, SO much garlicky goodness .

Bread on plates on wood table

Choosing a cocktail was almost as difficult as choosing a main dish, but I found the perfect gin drink to toast my last night of sugary goodness: the Lemon Rosemary Smash. The perfect summer beverage with gin, lemon, cucumber and rosemary.

Cold yellow drink in crystal glass with straw and rosemary garnish

After a lot of back and forth I finally chose my main: the Shrimp Spaghetti. The pasta was delicious and the sauce was great, but I could have done without the lemon and capers.

White bowl of pasta on dark wood table

For the finale, I chose the simple but ever so rich and velvety, vanilla gelato.

Square red bowl of vanilla gelato on dark wood table

Okay September, come at me!