Intolerant of lactose intolerance

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Are one of those people whose body turns on them after consuming even the tiniest bit of dairy? Does your gut feel like it’s going to explode after eating the smallest bit of cheese?


There are many factors to consider when your tummy goes looney after consuming dairy. In my case, and possibly in yours, blame LACTOSE INTOLERANCE.

I’ve been lactose intolerant for about eight years, but I wasn’t officially diagnosed until about four years ago when I finally got the blood work done. I’m not sure it was even worth it to get the test done though, because I was already pretty sure  and I had to pay for the test out-of-pocket.

When I first realized I was lactose intolerant, there were hardly any food alternatives out there, which was super depressing. Do you have any idea what it’s like to grow up eating cheese, pudding, yogurt and ice cream, drinking milk and shakes just to have it taken away?! It’s a nightmare. I realize there are far worse problems I could be having, but that doesn’t make my problem go away.

Now, after several years of suffering through soy-based garbage among other things,  companies are finally selling yummy DAIRY products that are lactose free! Seriously, a lot of that vegan crap that claims to be a good alternative to milk, ice cream, etc. is disgusting. It tastes like plants. If I wanted to eat plants, I would munch on some f*cking spinach. While lactose free products are generally more expensive, I say they’re worth it, and my gut agrees with me 🙂

For you, my lactose intolerant friends, a list of my favourite lactose free brands. Yes, they are Canadian, but when I move to the US in a few months I will seek out the American equivalents and share those with you as well.

Chapman’s lactose free ice cream. This stuff is the real deal. They offer several flavours and my ultimate favourites are Peanut Butter Crunch and Mint Chocolatey Flake. So. Damn. GOOD. Real dairy without the blowfish effect.

ALL President’s Choice  lactose-free products. This company has been stocking up on the lactose-free products and they’re all fantastic. They taste like the real dairy products they are and have the same texture as the regular dairy products. Perfection. I’m just waiting on them to make a lactose-free cream cheese.

Activia lactose free yogurt. I’ve always loved yogurt and this product is no exception. It’s creamy and delicious and comes in a bunch of different flavours.

Natrel lactose free products. Perfection. I’m a cereal eater, I bake, I like milk in my coffee and tea. Natrel’s lactose free products are delicious and have a great shelf life! Imagine enjoying a tall glass of creamy chocolate milk without the consequences of blowing out your pants later. Magic.

Finally, for those foods that don’t have a lactose free option and you’re in a tight spot, don’t starve! Buy some pills to take with your food and they should curb most of your symptoms. I recommend Weber Naturals Lactase Enzyme (extra strength). Costco sells big bottles of 120 capsules; I take two any time I’m eating regular dairy. Of all the pills I’ve tried, this brand works best for me. You can find other brands at any pharmacy, but you should know that Lactase enzyme pills are not cheap. If you’re not using them regularly, a bottle should last a while.

NOTE: It’s usually quite easy to tell when you’re lactose intolerant because the symptoms are obvious and almost immediate. Having a dairy allergy is not the same thing,  FYI. If you’re concerned about having any kind of food allergy or intolerance, it’s always best to seek advice from a medical professional before taking any next steps.

Go enjoy some lactose free goodies, my pretties!



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