So Long, Facebook

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Photo by Alex Wigan via Unsplash

Welp, it’s a been a slice, but I’m officially and permanently leaving Facebook behind.

Since my undergrad years, before 2010, I’ve been flying under the radar by using some form of pseudonym on each of my social media accounts. I can’t remember the last time I actually used my full last name on Facebook. I’m always dealing with the inner struggle of how valuable my privacy is.

Sometimes I question whether having a pseudonym truly makes a difference to my online security and privacy, but the point is I want to have the choice.

Last year, Facebook introduced a new policy requiring users to provide an “authentic name.” This policy was a nice little surprise for me when I went to log into my account yesterday and received this message:



If Aay Em-Bee is the name you go by in real life, please confirm your name.

We ask everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life so friends know who they are connecting with. We will ask you again on April 18.

Please reply to this message and attach a copy of your ID.  To learn more about the types of ID we accept, please visit [this link].

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The Facebook Team


If the name on my Facebook profile doesn’t match the one on the ID shown, Facebook has the right to change it. If I don’t show ID, they can lock my account.

While I understand the general reasoning behind this policy, I’m not comfortable sharing my full name and address with Facebook. I didn’t even want to put my cell number in my info, but they forced me to. I don’t care how secure the site claims to be, this seems like an over-the-top request and completely violates my privacy, thus hammering the final nail in the coffin containing my Facebook account.

I’ve deactivated my account a few times before and even deleted it once before for personal reasons I won’t get into. I’ve been frustrated with the platform for quite some time and this is the best excuse for me to finally let it go. I will miss group messages with my friends, some events and the occasional funny status update, but in the end I believe this is for the best.

Sayonara, Facebook!